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Education Verification

Fast, comprehensive verification of an applicant's education status.


Education verification is an important part of the employee screening process and is a great way to verify your candidate has the education they say they have.This verification has become very important as in recent times many employees pose fake graduation or post graduation certificates to land their dream jobs or for better pay or designation. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for candidates to exaggerate, or outright lie, about their education history or background — 75 percent of employers have caught a lie on a resume

Verifying education history is an important step in vetting applicants, especially because education history from an applicant can often be inaccurate or incomplete. JobsEmpire Education Verification confirms an applicant’s credentials by verifying that a degree, certificate or diploma was received. Education verifications can be conducted worldwide and are obtained either directly from an institution or from its authorized agent.

JobsEmpire Education Verification Benefits

JobsEmpire Education Verification is an online, on-demand service that is integrated with JobsEmpire employment screening solutions. The service helps employers to:

  • Mitigate the risk of errors in verifying education and cost of a bad hire through consistent research methodologies that achieve fast results and an average education verification rate of 92% in the India.
  • Improve the candidate experience by demystifying and expediting the verification process via an easy way to upload documents, check status and receive alerts via laptop, desktop, Smartphone and tablet.
  • Education check involves verifying the authenticity of candidate’s educational & professional qualifications from the respective colleges/institutes/universities.
  • Employers today are looking for the best resource in the market, thus it is imperative for any employer to hire genuine candidates with valid education and authentic degrees.
  • We cover all types of courses and certifications offered within INDIA and abroad.

How it Works

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Verify an Applicant's Education History

To verify following parameters in an education check:
  • Name of college and university
  • Year Of Enrollment and Passing
  • Recognized under which authorized board/university
  • Registration number / Roll number
  • Subjects/Course Pursued
  • Issuing date of certificates
  • Marks/Percentage Obtained

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Needs of Education Verification & Degree Verification

Recruiting another worker probably implies your independent venture is developing. It's an energizing time, however with the organization's requirement for an extension comes to a lot of danger. Creating some unacceptable recruit can crash plans, disturb activities, and cause rubbing in the work environment—an employing director's most noticeably awful bad dream.

You likely have your fantasy competitor as a primary concern: an individual who's responsible, solid, and loaded with a range of abilities to drive your organization's prosperity significantly further. Be that as it may, numerous businesses become involved with the surge of the recruiting cycle—neglecting to check straightforward capabilities like a worker's schooling.

What resembled your fantasy up-and-comer on paper probably won't be so fantastic if it's discovered they lied on their resume.

how does an employer verify your college degree in india

Online certificate verification system

certificate verification online

certificate verification

The National Center for education verification form revealed that the work rate for those holding a Bachelor's certificate or higher was at 88% in 2016, while the individuals who didn't finish secondary school had a business pace of 48%. Training confirmation ought to be a significant piece of foundation screening; consider whether it tends to be incorporated into your organization's recruiting interaction.

What, we Check-in Education Verification Process?
  • Education degrees
  • Institutions attended
  • Years attended
  • Specific certifications
  • Specialized training
Why we use Education Verification & Degree Verification?

Education check is quite possibly the main parts of foundation screening. The labor force of today needs to have some type of instructive capability for their work, be it a regular position or a middle class one.

Naturally, organizations should believe the candidate's instructive capability dependent on appearance of their reports. Nonetheless, it is critical to lawfully check any instructive cases made by the applicant.

The economic situations are progressively getting harder, constraining people to turn to any way to land the position. It has been seen that a critical number of occupation candidates are enjoying distorting their capabilities to cause themselves to online degree certificate verification show up as appropriate up-and-comers. The exploitative practices like degree phony, bogus establishments and phony cases are not exactly simple to identify, subsequently raising the need of foundation check. India delivers a normal of 2 to 2.5 million alumni per year. With a particularly colossal flood of degree holders, it turns into even more imperative to have tough schooling check arrangements.

Explanations behind leading schooling check

  1. Identifying holes among information and occupation prerequisites The competitors that you enlist, should be qualified enough online marksheet verification for the position they are applying for. Leading a careful screening of the instructive foundation uncovers insights concerning the subjects taken up by the up-and-comer and their significance to the job.
  2. Safeguarding against counterfeit degrees and recognitions diploma verification, giving phony degrees to competitors, are on the ascent. These establishments give counterfeit confirmation in return to cash and accordingly make holes in the instructive framework. These organizations are not partnered with any perceived body or government office. degree certificate verification Or maybe they cooperate with autonomous offices whose educational plan and guidelines are not in consistence with the lawfully directed standard.
  3. Confirm realness and pertinence of unfamiliar degrees-Seeking instruction in far off nations is a famous pattern among understudies. The education certificate verification program offered in those nations may not match totally with the expected set of responsibilities. Besides, the realness of the unfamiliar instructive foundations and the estimation of their degree should be affirmed as a piece of the training confirmation measure.

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Instructions to lead schooling check

free education verification check of degrees and certificates are normally directed at the in-house workplaces of the establishments. Organizations and foundations likewise depend on outsider schooling check administrations, degree check online as they have their own exclusive information bases for confirming the cases of the person. There are a few boundaries that are to be checked and approved while leading instruction confirmation.

  1. Confirming Name and enlistment number-This is fundamentally a type of personality check. By counting the name and move number of the up-and-comer with true organization records, one can affirm whether the individual has free degree verification genuinely gone to the college that is being guaranteed.
  2. Verifying course subtleties This instruction confirmation boundary is of basic significance as it frames an immediate connection between the schooling the candidate has gotten and the work job that is advertised. This includes making a note of the cbse board marksheet verification relative multitude of subjects that were taken by the up-and-comer and confirming its importance to the work.
  3. Year of passing-Many up-and-comers misrepresent their dates of graduation as youthful competitors are progressively pursued by organizations. online degree certificate verification Training confirmation of graduation records can be effectively gotten to by reaching the foundation referenced by the applicant.
  4. Status of graduation-This essentially guarantees the nature of the applicant. Competitors with lower evaluations or drop years are normally not liked by organizations. The idea of the work may require applicants with high ability and information. fake degree verification Applicants may lie about their evaluations or conceal their drop years. Such inconsistencies are to be distinguished during instruction confirmation to guarantee great employing.
  5. Whether the establishment has been announced phony by administrative bodies-As referenced above, education verification online counterfeit organizations and recognition factories are multiplying. Confirming the validness of the instructive foundation can help protect the organization against applicants from such questionable establishments. This can be accomplished by checking the organization against subtleties given by administrative bodies like UGC.
Why Education Verification & Degree Verification is Important?

We’ve all heard of “padding your resume” with “embellishments” or “white lies.” Some people think they need to do this to create an eye-catching resume, but it’s actually resume fraud. online marksheet verification And it happens all the time. A recent survey from CareerBuilder shows that 3 out of 4 HR managers have found a lie on a resume.

One area that commonly gets an extra dose of padding on resumes is the education section. That’s why it’s so important to screen your applicants and verify their education as part of a preemployment screening. verify college degree online free You can’t afford to skip this step. Background checks aren’t just about checking someone’s criminal record. Applicants who lie about their education can cause serious repercussions for your business. How so?

Applicants Lying About Their Education – What’s the Big Deal?

Back in 2007, the Dean of Admissions at Massachusetts Institute of Technology had to resign after it was discovered that she lied about her educational credentials on her resume. online verification of degree She claimed to have degrees from three different academic institutions. In reality, she didn’t have any degrees from any institution. This realization was embarrassing for the institution, and it disappointed and broke the trust of the degree verification

This isn’t the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last. There are countless cases of employees in prominent positions that have lied about their educational credentials on their resumes. Not only do they embarrass the company and tarnish its reputation, they can also cost them a lot of money. marksheet verification The company will have to spend even more resources finding and hiring a replacement.

Another danger of hiring someone who lies about their educational background is that they may be more likely to lie about issues at work. fake degrees with verification This could mushroom into larger issues, even ending in a lawsuit. Therefore, screening an applicant’s education could prevent huge losses for your company.

Why All the Lying, Anyway?

Entry-level positions often require that applicants have a degree to be considered for the position. A competitive job market can move some people to lie about their credentials to gain an advantage over other applicants. online degree verification Others may lie about their credentials in hopes of getting a higher salary.

Unfortunately, there are many resources online that help applicants misrepresent their educational background. They could use diploma mills to get a legitimate-looking degree with little to no coursework from a phony organization. online degree certificate verification There are also online services that help applicants construct their resumes with false information that will get past employment screenings and evade HR systems.

In other cases, the fact that someone lied about their educational achievements doesn’t become clear until later in their career. Again, consider the example of the Dean of Admissions at M.I.T. It’s possible that when she first applied for her job, it didn’t require a college degree. But, as she received more promotions and climbed the company ladder, degree certificate verification her supposed education was never verified. M.I.T. only found out that she lied about her education when she was promoted to Dean of Admissions.

If you want to avoid a costly situation like this, it’s crucial that you take the step of verifying education – even for entry-level positions.

So, How Can I Verify Their Education?

How do I run education and diploma verification?

How exactly does education verification protect you from education fraud? Let’s look at the basic steps in this process.

Your job listings should require applicants to provide detailed information about their education. Some fields you can include are institution name, dates attended, highest ignou marksheet verification online degree obtained, and areas of study. Having this information before running a background check will help you catch discrepancies between their resume and actual education history.

After completing your interviews and choosing your top candidate(s) for the job, find a service that will perform a comprehensive background check that verifies the educational credentials provided by the applicants.

The background screening company should conduct a thorough check to verify that the applicant attended the educational institution that they claimed and that the institution is legitimate. They should also verify the dates the applicant attended the institution, diploma certificate verification when they completed the coursework and if they truly received the degree(s).

You should then receive a clear, detailed report back from the screening company.

Finally, use the background report to compare what the applicant claims with what they have actually achieved. If you find any discrepancies, the report will help you determine if this is a deal breaker or a minor issue.

By completing these basic education verification steps, you can verify candidate experience and ensure that applicants have the skill set they need to do the job.

Benefits of Education Verification & Degree Verification.
  • Candidates may be graduates from universities in all corners of Indonesia and abroad. Education verification covers a global scale. Recruiters can focus more on the main task of interviewing candidates to meet existing needs without spending much time searching the website/ phone/fax information of the intended agency.
  • It saves recruitment fees due to the bad hire
  • Security of information because the platform is encrypted.
  • 24 hours online and automated services so that users can get verification results with clear deadlines (TAT)
  • The difference in time zones and checking times to related institutions may become obstacles. Thus, the online verification is the best solution.
  • With education verification, the process of qualification check saves a lot of time, effort and costs with more accurate results and clear deadlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Education Verification Take?

Education verification takes just a few days in most cases. However, turnaround time is dependent on the responsiveness of the educational institution being queried and how readily available the information is to them. In some cases, they may need to access hard copy records which may take longer. Maximum Verification Report deliver time is 15 Working Days.

Education background checks are an important part of the screening process when considering candidates for many jobs. They help provide assurance that candidates have the education and skills required for the job and minimize liability risks that employers may face if employees do not have the appropriate education for a job.