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"If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build A Door.”

A Glimpse Of Career Goals:

A Career Goal Is A Well-defined Statement Explaining The Profession That An Individual Intends To Pursue Throughout His/her Career. It Is Important For Every Employee Or Job Seeker To Define Their Career Goals Clearly. It Helps Them To Come Up With Effective Action Plans.


There Are Two Types Of Career Goals:

 Short-term Vs. Long-term Career Goals

As Shown In The Illustration Above, The Teenager’s Primary Objective Is To Become The Manager Of A Company. In Order To Get There, He/she Needs To Achieve His/her Short-term Goals, Which Include Passing His/her High School And College Exams, Gaining Experience By Working For A Related Company, And Boosting His/her Experience And Skills Through Further Studies.

Short-term Goals Are Those That Can Be Achieved Within Six Months To Three Years. It May Take Three To Five Years Or More To Achieve Long-term Goals.

The Big Question Of Everyone's Life Is That "How To Achieve Career Goals"?

 1. Write Them Down -: It May Seem Like An Old-school Technique, But It’s Actually Very Effective. Based On Several Studies, Individuals Who Write Down Their Career Goals See A Higher Likelihood Of Achieving Them Compared To Those Who Don’t.

There Are Several Benefits To Writing Down One’s Goals. For One, An Individual Is Forced To Think Critically On How To Achieve Each Goal.

2. Share The Plan -: Another Perk Of Writing Down Career Goals Is That It Makes It Easy To Share Them With Friends, Colleagues, Or Even A Manager. When An Individual Discloses Their Short And Long-term Career Goals To Other People, They Feel More Challenged To Follow Them Through To The End.

3. Visualize Success -: One Thing That High Achievers Do Is To Visualize Their Success. Sports Psychologists Often Ask Their Top Athletes To Envision Themselves Crossing That Finish Line Or Kicking The Field Goal. It’s The Same Concept As Career Goals. One Should Think About All The Steps They Need To Reach Their Goal And Plan For The Setbacks That They May Encounter.

People Usually, Think That "Why Career Development Goals Are Important"?

Career Development Goals Are Objectives To Improve Your Skills And Motivation. You Can Combine Your Personal Interests With Skills Or Performance Goals To Achieve Success At Work. For Example, If You Want To Expand Your Computer Programming Skills And Your Manager Needs Help Creating A Website, You Can Offer To Learn More On The Topic To Assist.

Career Development Goals May Make Your Job Easier As You Become Quicker And More Productive Based On What You Learn. Setting Professional Development Goals Also Shows Your Manager You Are Serious About Your Job And Want To Continue To Excel In It.

Some Important Tips To "Set Your Goals":

You’ve Probably Tried To Set At Least One New Year’s Resolution At One Point Or Another, Right?

If You’re Like More Than 80% Of The Population, They Presumably Didn’t Last Very Long. So, Now That You Know What You Want To Do, How Can You Combat The Odds Stacked Against You And Set Goals You’ll Be More Likely To Keep?

If You Haven’t Heard Of "S.M.A.R.T." Goals Before, Now Is The Time To Educate Yourself On This Incredible Concept Of Goal Setting. "SMART" Is An Acronym That Stands For:






Essentially, The Idea Is To Break Down Large Goals Into Smaller Bite-size Pieces That Follow These Notions. As You Organize The Steps And Schedule Out Your Intentions For Each Milestone, You’ll Be Amazed To See How Much Easier They Are To Reach.

"Tools Like Toggl Plan Provide Access To Create A Planning Process, Which Allows You To Set Everything Up Exactly How You Need It As You Track Your Goals. The Creative Design And User-friendly Interface Will Help You Stay Engaged As You Are Moving Through Each Step. With Overviews That Cover Weekly, Monthly And Even Annual Outlooks, You’ll Be Able To Monitor Everything Whether You’re Working On Short-term Or Long-term Career Goals".




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